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The Magnificent Five

The Magnificent Five are viziers offered periodically as a time-limited offer. Each vizier can be redeemed for 10 Magnificent Badges.

Each of the Magnificent Five start out with 17 Talent and a Military specialty. They also have a special tab called Harmony. The Magnificent Five ability under Harmony, increases Military by 20% with each recruit from the group. Once all five viziers are recruited, players can continue to use Magnificent Badges to upgrade the group under the ability, The Heroic Five, which will increase total attributes by 5%. 

Magnificent Badges & Shards

Magnificent Badge

Magnificent Badges are used to recruit the Magnificent Five and upgrade their abilities. Each vizier can be recruited by consuming 10 Magnificent Badges. Magnificent Badges are only available through Events. Magnificent Badges can also be created by Combining 10 Magnificent Shards. Magnificent Shards are available from Ranking Rush events, Union war token store or as a purchase bonus.