Semi is a vizier available to the Sultan. He is linked to the consort Samina.

Talent Attribute Type Stars Badge Success Rate Book XP needed
Sword and Shield Military 3 33% 600
Anthropology Research 3 33% 600
Natural Awareness Political 5 20% 1000
Domestic Affairs Political 4 25% 800
Ritual Mastery Prestige 1 100% 200


While the viziers for level-up bonuses stop having associated consorts after Davut (Baltac, Alamus, Yusuf, and Candar all do not have consorts associated with them), Semi is unique in that he does have a consort associated with him.

Players frequently question who Semi is because they see him associated with Samina and wonder why they don't have him unlocked. He is simply the reward for achieving Grand Sultan III, however.

For the Vizer, they used a real image of Server 218 player Beast Ragefire. On Sunday's you will find Semi on a shetland pony raging towards his enemies castles.

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