Romance of Sultans is an Event where players create Bouquets and Garlands from flowers in order to win Favor and tokens from the consort Amber, Demure and Elva. This event is the only way to obtain Amber as a consort.


A beautiful Safavid lady is waiting for her true love in the Tavern. Instead of valuable treasures, traditional Ottoman Bouquets and Garlands are her favorite. Don't miss out on the chance to win her heart!

Players can buy and/or earn flowers through completing Daily Quests, purchasing a limited number of flowers from the Flower Store, or by purchasing packs. Players can then use the flowers to create either Bouquets or Garlands. Once Bouquets or Garlands are created, players can tap the items to deliver them to Amber.  Once Amber's Favor reaches 200, she will offer gifts to the player.

The type of flowers used in each Bouquet or Garland will affect the score of the item and the amount of Favor earned from Amber. All flowers, Bouquets and Garlands are recycled when the event ends.

Ranking rewards are based on the total amount of Favor earned by the end of the Event.

Flower Store

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The Flower Store section of Romance of Sultans allows players to purchase a limited number of flowers each day of the Event using diamonds and produce Bouquets and Garlands. 


The flowers used in each Bouquet will determine the score and Favor able to be earned. Bouquets are recycled when the event ends.


Garlands are created with flowers that players fire onto a base. The flowers chosen will determine the score and Favor earned from Amber. If identical flowers collide, or the Garland is full the production of the Garland will end. Players can also tap the Garland to end production. Garlands are recycled when the event ends.

Perfect Shot

When creating Garlands, sometimes a sparkly area will appear on the base; by firing flowers directly onto this sparkly area, players can earn a Perfect Shot and increase the score of the Garland.

Types of Flowers
Flower Type Amount Available Cost
Rose 20 5 Diamonds
Violet 20 10 Diamonds
Lilium 20 15 Diamonds
Orchids 0 $ Purchase in Packs


Players who produce S rated or higher Garlands will earn the title Florist and gain additional flowers to add to the next round. The title disappears after the next Garland is produced.

Token Store

The Token Store is a section of the Tavern where players can redeem tokens to earn items. Players must earn a certain level of Favorability to unlock certain items.

Token Store Items
Item Favor Needed Tokens Required # Available
Agate Ring 500 100 100
Silver Earring 500 100 100
Intimacy Chest 500 2500 20
Charm Chest 500 3000 20
Almighty Tome 3000 3000 30
Love Letter 3000 2500 5
Master Vizier Suit 3000 2700 10
New Vizier Suit 3000 900 50
Amber's Keepsake 18000 18000 1
Almighty Badge 18000 4000 10
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