Raven is a wild and spirited huntress who likes to plays rough and win her heart's desires in contests of strength, skill, or prowess. Vizier Sormet did a great job of teacher her to bash things.

Raven is one of the consorts available to join your harem. She is obtained by purchasing VIP level 6 and can be found in the Manorhouse whilst masquerading. She is linked to Sormet and grants him bonuses while leveling up your intimacy.

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
20 intimacy
50 intimacy
100 intimacy
150 intimacy
200 intimacy


"This time I want to hunt you!" - before being visited by the Sultan

"Let's warm each other by the fire." - before being visited by the Sultan

"Won't you take me riding, Sultan?" - before being visited by the Sultan

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