Rana is a strong and clever woman of great beauty. Her experience as a nurse and physician make her worldly and charming like no other. She once tended to Vizier Piri's wounds.

Rana is one of the consorts available to join your harem. She is obtained through masquerading and can be found in the Infirmary. She is linked to Piri and grants him bonuses while leveling up your intimacy.

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Confidence Political
Composure Political 20 intimacy
Reliability Military 50 intimacy
Savingness Research 100 intimacy
Appreciativeness Prestige 150 intimacy
Austerity Political 200 intimacy


"You should spend more time with me." - before being visited by the Sultan

"I need you alone." - after being visited by the Sultan

"Let's have a romantic day together." - upon being encountered in the Masquerade

"Your grace, I will be here for you." - upon being encountered in the Masquerade

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