Osilda is a charming foreign student with a talent for languages and a fun-loving personality. She sometimes studies with Vizier Merzif.

Osilda is one of the consorts available to join your harem. She is unlocked as a reward for the 7-day login bonus. You can find her in the Theology School whilst masquerading. She is linked to Merzif and grants him bonuses while leveling up your intimacy.

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Stability Research and Political
Deep Morality Research and Political 20 intimacy
Eidetic Memory Military 50 intimacy
Concentration Political 100 intimacy
Elegance Prestige 150 intimacy
Eager to Learn Research 200 intimacy


"I can't believe how lucky I am." - before being visited by the Sultan

"Stay...I miss you too much..." - before being visited by the Sultan

"You are just like a dream." - before being visited by the Sultan

"Will you always love me?" - after being visited by the Sultan

"Take me back to the palace, my love. I will be yours forever." - after obtaining day 7 of the login bonus

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