As a tactician, Murat has always prided himself in seeing the hidden factors behind every battle and sword-stroke. He brought those insights to Sultan's elite guard, making them even deadlier.

Murat is a vizier obtained from reaching VIP 3. He is linked to the consort Alessa. Like Piyale , he does not have a specialty and all attributes level equally.

Talent Attribute Type Stars Badge Success Rate Book XP Needed
Quick March Military 6 17% 1200
Master Linguist Research 1 100% 200
Cultural Adaptation Research 5 20% 1000
Timar Landownership Political 1 100% 200
Agricultural Policy Political 5 20% 1000
Ritual Mastery Prestige 1 100% 200
Bureaucracy Prestige 5 20% 1000
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