The viziers are the helpers to the Sultan. There are a variety of them with different varying talents and specialties, and they can be leveled up to increase empire strength and power. Many of them are associated with one of the Sultan's wives in some way (family relations, friendships, mentor relationships, etc.) and the experienced earned by visiting the consorts can be used to improve the attributes of the viziers.



There are currently 56 viziers available, with new ones being added frequently.

Starter Viziers


Level Up

  • Ishak (Young Sultan III)
  • Piri (Young Sultan IV)
  • Kane (Young Sultan V)
  • Davut (Master Sultan I)
  • Nash (Master Sultan II)
  • Baltac (Master Sultan III)
  • Alamus (Master Sultan IV)
  • Yusuf (Grand Sultan I)
  • Candar (Grand Sultan II)
  • Semi (Grand Sultan III)
  • Alihad (Grand Sultan IV)
  • Serdar (Royal Sultan I)
  • Tahrun (Royal Sultan II)
  • Kopru (Royal Sultan III)
  • Mustafa (Royal Sultan IV)
  • Rustem (Majestic Sultan)

The Magnificent Five

The Outstanding Four


  • Hersek (Obtained with first purchase)
  • Nasuh (Limited Time Offer)



Vizier Levels

Leveling Viziers is the most basic way to increase empire power. It requires gold that increases with each level and needing Vizier Clothes every 50 level starting from level 100 to increase the max level of a vizier by 50 before needing better clothes.

Gold Level

Level Gold
1-100 13,157,727
101-150 52,070,450
151-200 139,064,825
201-250 704,242,756
251-300 2,588,455,537
301-350 6,417,177,696



Vizier Talents

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