Delorah is an exquisite beauty with a whimsical personality and a love for birdwatching. One of her family's oldest friends is Vizier Kopru.

Delorah is one of the consorts available to join your harem. She is obtained through masquerading and can be found in the Lake Tower. She is linked to Fazil and grants him bonuses while leveling up your intimacy.

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Faithfulness Military
Welfare Military 20 intimacy
Sixth Sense Research 50 intimacy
Linguist Prestige 100 intimacy
Judgement Political 150 intimacy
Serene Military 200 intimacy


"Stay with me tonight." - after being visited by the Sultan

"Do you love me?" - before being visited by the Sultan

"Would you like to come closer?" - before being visited by the Sultan


  • There is an error in Delorah's character description. While it says Vizier Kopru, Delorah is associated with Vizier Fazil.
  • Delorah's character model was redesigned in an update after fans on the Facebook page pointed out drastic similarities between Delorah and a character from the TV show Magnificent Century, presumably to avoid copyright infringement or similar issues.
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