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Only the empire's finest minds have a chance to serve the Sultan as an heir's tutor. Alalamus [sic] is one such mind -- an eccentric, undeniably brilliant teacher.

Alamus is a vizier available to the Sultan. He is unique in that he is one of the viziers not linked to a consort. His specialty is Prestige.

Talent Attribute Type Stars Badge Success Rate Book XP needed
The Art of War Military 4 25% 800
Foresight Research 2 50% 400
Timar Landownership Political 1 100% 200
Essay Writing Prestige 3 33% 600
Art of Oratory Prestige 5 20% 1000


- Alamus' name is misspelt in his character description.

- Much of his in-game dialogue references the "Major-General's Song" from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, The Pirates of Penzance.